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The EV-olution of Greenarc Vehicles

Our Story So Far… The Early Days.

Since 2007, we’ve assisted businesses with vehicle selection and financing. But it wasn’t until 2015 that our unique fleet management services came into play.

We realised SMEs needed better solutions for decision-making around vehicles and finance. But they also needed a way to deal with the day-to-day headaches of managing a company vehicle fleet. And our company ethos of “Select, Fund, and Manage” was born.

So we now offer everything you need to keep your business moving. Our comprehensive fleet and funding solutions provide the perfect combination of vehicles, finance options and fleet management services. And we created our Keys Fleet Management software which we give to our Partner customers so they can manage their fleets in record time.

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The Electric Revolution

Although our business was built on the supply of petrol and diesel vehicles, we’ve had an eye on the electric car market for many years. In the early stages there were only a handful of manufacturers and only a few models to choose from when it cam to electric vehicles.

However, that changed a few years ago when the first Tesla burst on the scene. It made the company car drivers take note of an electric car that could drive hundreds of miles on a single charge. We certainly took note and began educating ourselves on this revolution in the automotive world.

At the same time, the world recognised the need to decarbonise. Countries signed up to the Paris Agreement to reduce global temperature rises to less than 2 degrees by 2050. The UK announced the ban on new ICE cars from 2030, and the race to electric vehicles started in earnest.

Perfectly Positioned to Advise

Our interest and education in EVs coincided with companies focusing on reducing their environmental impact to net zero. As such, we were perfectly positioned to advise them on all the factors to consider when moving their vehicle fleets to electric.

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Where Are We Now?

During the past few years, we have worked closely with many companies. One of which is Greenarc Limited which supports homes and businesses across the UK with their fuel and low-carbon energy services.

With the green revolution a huge priority, they were looking to offer their customers a single-point solution for their fuel, solar, batteries, EV charging points, and electric vehicles.

As such, they identified KeyFleet as the perfect addition to their group and acquired us in November 2022.

Being part of the Greenarc group of companies allows us to fulfil our potential as a business. We now have the platform and resources we need to take advantage of the single biggest opportunity in the automotive sector since the invention of the motor car.

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