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When Will You Make The Change?

We all know that diesel and petrol-engine cars will stop being produced by 2030. So, going electric is inevitable for your business vehicle fleet. The big question is, “When?”

There’s no definitive right or wrong answer, but when you look at how other companies are reacting, you can quickly see that you should be considering EVs sooner rather than later. Here are a few factors to consider:

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Company Objectives

In the era of climate change and governmental initiatives to reduce emissions, it makes good business sense for companies to convert their vehicle fleets to electric.

Not only is there now an ever-growing range of different models, from light cars to vans and lorries, but electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain and fuel than their ICE counterparts.

Furthermore, for companies that wish to create a green brand image and cultivate good customer relationships based on values, investing in electric vehicles is an excellent way of demonstrating their commitment and showing customers they care about the environment.

By making this proactive switch away from traditional combustion engines, your company will have made a statement about its environmental responsibility and modern outlook.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint

Being seen to reduce your carbon footprint is more important than ever for businesses. As a result, customers today are increasingly looking to support companies that align with their shared values. So, by taking proactive steps to reduce emissions and energy consumption, your company sends a strong message about its commitment to environmentally friendly operating practices. Many customers are seeking businesses that take the environment seriously and will appreciate your efforts. 

Plus, it’s not only a huge plus for customers. Having streamlined practices in place can lead to big savings in the long run, making it a triple-win all around!

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Winning & Retaining Business

Electric vehicles offer considerable advantages to businesses looking to remain competitive and win back customer loyalty. Since many people are becoming more conscious of the carbon footprint that they leave behind, businesses that make a genuine effort to reduce theirs could be rewarded with increased business opportunities down the road. 

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Recruit and Retain Staff

Going electric with your company’s vehicle fleet is a great way to demonstrate net-zero commitment to job seekers. It shows that you prioritise shared values such as sustainability and environmental awareness. 

When job candidates shop for an employer, they look for more than a salary. They want a company whose values align with their own. Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity as more individuals join the net-zero movement. By transitioning your fleet, you can help preserve the environment and be seen as a progressive employer.

Plus, you can offer your staff a major perk of running their own EV through a salary sacrifice scheme like SalEx.

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Company Image

Switching to electric vehicles is a crucial step any company can take toward boosting its reputation in the public eye. EVs have become increasingly popular over recent years, both among consumers and within businesses that want to show they’re taking steps to reduce their negative environmental impact. 

By switching from traditional cars and trucks to more sustainable EVs, your company can quickly demonstrate its commitment to being part of a greener, brighter future. Whether you replace just one or two business vehicles with EVs or switch your entire fleet over, investing in environmentally-friendly transportation will undoubtedly improve your reputation in the eyes of current and potential customers.

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Cost Reduction Through EV Fleet

Switching your company’s vehicle fleet to electric could benefit your organisation in many ways. Not only will it benefit your carbon footprint and help reduce air pollution, but it will also help you save money. 

Electric vehicles attract a very low benefit-in-kind tax, unlike traditional petrol or diesel vehicles. So, if you currently reimburse your staff to cover their increased BiK tax, this can result in a considerable reduction. 

Additionally, electric vehicles require less maintenance than petrol or diesel ones and are more economical regarding fuel costs. This means switching your company’s vehicle fleet to electric will benefit them through cost savings from reduced tax payments and lower operational costs.

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