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How can Greenarc Vehicles help you on your Journey to Net-Zero?

Greenarc Vehicles is the go-to partner for businesses looking to transition their vehicles to electric.

We understand how daunting this task can be, so we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Our team of experts can help you assess your current fleet, identify areas of improvement, and develop a strategy to maximize savings and efficiency. From selecting suitable vehicles, funding packages, and fleet management tools, we’ll provide the expertise necessary for a successful transition.

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Fleet Analysis / Suitability

When transitioning a vehicle fleet to electric, you first need to consider each vehicle’s application in your business and suitability for electric power. Depending on your fleet makeup, you may have vehicles requiring different power, range and capacity levels for cargo or passengers. 

So, we’ll start by assessing which vehicles are the most suitable for an electric makeover, such as those used by salespeople. We’ll then look at their typical daily mileage to determine which EVs would be most appropriate for them.

Engage with Drivers

Our EV experts will take the time to engage with your drivers individually and assess their unique needs to determine the most appropriate electric vehicle. They will first gather information about each driver’s current driving habits. For example, how far they usually drive each day, if they often carry heavy cargo or additional passengers, and their home life.

Once this initial assessment has been completed, we will present a selection of electric vehicles that best fit the individual requirements of each driver. The EVs chosen will offer maximum efficiency while keeping cost in mind. We will explain each model’s features and discuss their benefits in relation to the specific driver’s needs, helping ensure they make an informed choice about which vehicle is right for them.

Additional Information

In addition to selecting the best options, our advisors will provide detailed information about charging times and costs so drivers can understand what running an electric vehicle entails.

Through comprehensive engagement with each driver, we can select the most suitable vehicles so that everybody involved benefits from optimal performance at a reasonable cost.

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WLC – The Business Case

When comparing the costs of leasing an EV against an ICE vehicle, you could just look at the monthly rental cost. However, that’s not a like-for-like comparison, as you’re not considering the total cost of each vehicle.

That’s where the Whole Life Cost (WLC) comes into play. This calculation factors in everything else like maintenance cost, fuel spend, Benefit-in-Kind, National Insurance, and more.

It’s a crucial calculation to make when looking at an EV, as comparing the monthly rental cost in isolation will lead you to a different (and wrong) conclusion about the actual monthly cost to your business of the vehicle.

Our EV team will calculate the WLC of the vehicle to give you a true picture of the costs involved.

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Carbon Footprint

A company’s carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions it produces through its activities. This includes the energy used to power their operations and transport, the materials they use in their products, and how those materials are sourced and transported. The goal of many companies today is to reduce their carbon footprint to net zero, meaning they no longer contribute to climate change.

One of the ways a company can meet their net-zero targets is by switching to electric vehicles or using renewable energy sources for its operations. However, depending on the scope of their business, this might not be feasible or enough on its own. In such cases, a company can opt for carbon offsetting as an additional measure to help achieve net zero emissions.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting involves investing in projects that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere, like planting trees or capturing methane from landfills. By doing this, companies can effectively “offset” the amount of CO2 emitted by them, which would otherwise still have an effect on our environment and climate.

Carbon offsetting also allows companies to invest in projects that may not be directly related to their own operations but still positively impact reducing global emissions overall.

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A few years ago, the insurance premiums on an EV were significantly higher than their ICE equivalents. This was mainly due to the higher purchase price of the EV and a lack of data for insurers to calculate risks and premiums.

Fast-forward to the present day and, in general, EV insurance premiums have fallen below their ICE counterparts as more insurers have entered the market.

However, there are some specific elements of insurance you should check out with your insurer. Specifically, the charging cables (which are expensive to replace), adaptors and wall boxes.

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Training & Compliance

Ultimately, we want your drivers to feel confident when switching from traditional fuel cars to EVs. So we offer a complete training and orientation programme for new EV drivers.

Our team will help your drivers transition to an EV in various ways. They will provide custom education and training sessions on using an electric vehicle and handling the different features. During these sessions, our trainers will break down any technical elements that may be unfamiliar to your staff and answer any questions they have.

We will provide reassurance and guidance around any safety concerns or worries related to driving an electric car and advise how best to set up their vehicles for maximum efficiency.

Finally, our team of EV professionals is constantly staying up-to-date on the latest technology and advancements in EVs, so they’ll be able to answer any questions regarding new models or battery technologies.

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